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Apply the experience you have gained so far by adding commercial, management and professional knowledge and skills.  

Some students decide to do a Masters to develop more general skills – for example, a Scientist might choose to study for an MSc in Business & Management, to develop their Business skills. 

Another reason is to enter a profession that requires a specific qualification, such as Accountancy or Law. Other reasons may be to pursue a passion for a particular subject or as a conversion course if you want to move into a different sector.

Develop specialist knowledge and skills

Build on the experience you have gained by developing a specialism.

Some students decide to study for a Masters in order to specialise – for example, someone with a general Business Studies degree might want to specialise in Marketing or Human Resources.

Many students take a Masters as a first step towards a career in academic research.  We have students at Aston, who are studying MSc Biomedical Science, the intention of specialising in cancer research and progressing towards a PhD.

Are you ready for the next level?

If you have the ambition to study a Master’s degree, look no further than Aston. We can help you choose a degree which perfectly builds on your undergraduate degree and experience to date, and award you an automatic 20% alumni scholarship.

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International Business Economics at City University

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