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Excellence Scholarship
Scholarship Name Excellence Scholarship
Scholarship amount £1,750
Nationality Any

If you are a UK or EU student and achieve AAB or above in your A-Levels (or particular grades from a list of other qualifications) you are eligible for the Aston Excellence Scholarship worth £1,750.

Aston Excellence Scholarships can be used towards your tuition fees or to support living costs.

                                            First year      Placement year            Total     

Excellence Scholarship      £500               £1,250*                        £1,750

*Placement year scholarships can only be applied once. For example, The Aston Excellence Scholarship and some of our other scholarships include a £1,250 placement scholarship. If you are eligible for both these scholarship schemes, you will only get the placement scholarship once. The Aston placement year fee is £1,250. 

How do I apply?

You do not need to apply for an Aston Excellence Scholarship. The University will automatically assess your eligibility using information on your A Level (or other) results provided by UCAS. 

The number of Aston Excellence Scholarships we will award is not limited. If you achieve the A levels or equivalent qualifications, listed (validated by via examination boards and at enrolment) you will be entitled to the scholarship. Terms and conditions apply and students should check the qualifications list.

When will I know I've got the scholarship?

We will contact you as soon as we know your grades and your place at Aston has been confirmed. If you require any additional information about your Scholarship, you can contact the Hub at Aston for support and advice.

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