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Aberystwyth International Scholarships (AIS)
Scholarship Name Aberystwyth International Scholarships (AIS)
Scholarship amount £2,000
Nationality Any
Scholarship Deadline 27 July 2018

Scholarships, each worth £2,000 towards tuition fees will be available for International (non-EU) students commencing full-time Taught Masters courses or a Research Programme (MPhil, LLM by Research or PhD) in September 2017. In order to be considered for one of these awards, an application for a place on a relevant programme at Aberystwyth University must be received by 27th July 2018.

Please see the regulations below for further information.

  1. Scholarships worth £2,000 towards tuition fees for full-time non-EU students on taught Masters, MPhil, LLM by Research or PhD programmes are available for students who commence their studies in September 2018 in Aberystwyth.

  2. Separate application forms are not required. Therefore it is essential that the application for a place be received by the AU Postgraduate Admissions Office (AQRO) by 27th July 2018 at the very latest.  

  3. Selection will be on the basis of academic performance and the applicant’s suitability for their proposed course.

  4. Acceptance of an offer of an award must be received within 2 weeks of being offered.

  5. Decisions for 2018 will be made centrally in-line with the decision making process.  

  6. Scholarships are available essentially for self-financed students, i.e. they cannot be held by:

                  (i)            students with full-awards, e.g. Chevening ScholarshipsCommonwealth Shared Scholarship or any governmental award or any AU award or

                  (ii)           any partial awards with a resultant combined value greater than 25% of the value of the tuition fees). For example, they could be held with an Aber-grad Scholarship or a HEI partnership discount but could not be held with an (AU) International Postgraduate Excellence Scholarship (IPES). 

  1. Scholarships should be used the year for which they are applied and awarded for. In the event of candidates deferring the year of entry the scholarship can also be deferred. If it is deemed necessary for the Scholarship holder to suspend their studies, the scholarship will be held on University account and carried forward to the year of resumption of studies and the candidate will be expected to pay their contribution on a pro-rata basis.

  2. During and after the period of study the candidate may be asked to participate in promotional activities for the University. This may include receptions and social events, testimonial or publicity articles or even assisting with activities in their home country.

  3. For taught programmes, scholarships may be transferred between Masters courses (at NQF Level 6) where the applicant changes the programme of study during the course of the degree. The award is tenable for the full 12 month period of the full-time Masters course.

  4. For research programmes, scholarships may be transferred between programmes at the same level (i.e. between MPhil/LLM by Research programmes at NQF Level 7 or between PhD programmes at NQF Level 8) where the applicant/student changes the programme of study during the course of their registration. The award for MPhil/LLM by Research programmes is tenable for a maximum of 12 months.  The award for PhD programmes is tenable for a maximum of 36 months. 

  5. If, in the view of the appropriate Institute Director, a scholarship holder’s progress is deemed unsatisfactory, the scholarship may be withdrawn. A scholarship may also be withdrawn on the grounds of failure to comply with any of the conditions of the award. The candidate may be required to repay the University any award which has been made, in whole or in partIf the scholar feels that such a withdrawal is unjustified s/he may appeal in writing to the Director of the International Office within 15 days of the date of notification.

  6. Where the applicant arranges to pay fees by instalment the scholarship will be deducted from the final instalment.  Where the candidate arranges to pay their tuition fees in full in advance, they will receive the scholarship deduction immediately and the tuition fee will be adjusted accordingly. International (non-EU) applicants are required to pay a deposit towards their tuition fees in accordance with University policy.* 

  7. This scholarship scheme is subject to annual review. The University reserves the right to make, amend, withdraw, suspend or cancel without notice these and other such Regulations as may be in force from time to time and such decisions shall be final.

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