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Temel Bilgiler
Lokasyon Various, England
Kuruluş Tarihi 1965
Öne Çıkan Bölümler English Language, Exam Preparation
Temel Bilgiler
Lokasyon Various, England
Kuruluş Tarihi 1965
Öne Çıkan Bölümler English Language, Exam Preparation

Genel Bakış

Education First International Language Centres provide international students with first class English language courses. EF have over 450 schools and offices in 54 countries globally, with 11 separate centres in the UK & Ireland. Education First language courses offer 6 learning stages, each containing 3 course levels, ranging from beginner to academic proficiency.

Education First offer basic, general and intensive English language courses, as well as a Diploma in Business & Management, Pre-Masters Programme, Pre-PhD programme and EF University Foundation Year. Career building English courses such as English for Business and English & the Legal World are also available.

All EF language schools are centrally located in friendly learning environments with dedicated support and teaching staff. Each classroom comes with award winning modern facilities with the latest learning technology. Studying an English language course in the UK will offer international students the chance to immerse themselves in the language and around native speakers every day. If you are interested in a cosmopolitan life, then London or Manchester is the perfect location, while Brighton and Bournemouth offer more relaxed atmospheres.

Uluslararası Öğrencilere Yönelik Hizmetler

EF organises a number of optional trips and events for students, both within the UK to cities such as London, York and Bath, and further afield to Paris and Amsterdam. In addition, the EF Free Time programme fosters an exchange of cultures between students through various activities on and around campus.


Homestays with a local family are encouraged to help students gain greater fluency of the English language and also experience British culture firsthand.


Education First English Schools are based across eight locations in the UK, with one centre in Dublin. Learn more about each EF school by clicking their individual profile below:

  • Bournemouth
  • Brighton
  • Bristol
  • Cambridge
  • Dublin
  • Eastbourne
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Oxford
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