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Temel Bilgiler
Lokasyon London and Cambridge, England
Kuruluş Tarihi 1955
Öne Çıkan Bölümler English courses, University Foundation, Pre-Masters
Temel Bilgiler
Lokasyon London and Cambridge, England
Kuruluş Tarihi 1955
Öne Çıkan Bölümler English courses, University Foundation, Pre-Masters

Genel Bakış

Bell is a place where learning is brought to life, the English language unlocks a world of opportunity and every student is supported to achieve their goals and dreams. Since their first school opened in 1955, Bell have created success stories for students from all over the world, transforming the lives of over 1 million people. Bell will:

  • Prepare international students for university in the UK at schools in Cambridge and London.
  • Teach English to adults aged 16+ at schools in Cambridge and London.
  • Teach English to young learners aged 7-17 at schools around the UK.
  • Train English teachers all over the world.
  • Create tailor-made courses to suit any group.

University Foundation Programmes at Bell are designed to prepare international students for undergraduate or postgraduate degrees taught in English, with the goal to ensure students have the language skills, as well as subject knowledge, to succeed at an English-medium university. Bell have over 20 partner universities, such as Lancaster University, Oxford Brookes University and the University of Brighton.

The Bell guarantee

Bell guarantee students will be offered a place at university in the UK, after they have completed the University Foundation Programme*. In the unlikely event a student is not offered a place straight away, Bell will provide free tuition and university advice until their place is secured.

Uluslararası Öğrencilere Yönelik Hizmetler

Students will meet with their academic tutors weekly to discuss and plan their progress, as well as having regular access to expert advisors who will help them select the best course and university and create the perfect personal statement. Students also have the opportunity to participate in Bell’s free weekly social and sporting activities, and visits to leading universities and university cities.

During the autumn term, students will meet representatives from partner universities and receive guidance on applying to university in the UK. In addition, they will have the chance to meet representatives from a range of UK universities at Bell’s higher education fair which takes place every November.


Bell has a proven track record of success with a 96% student pass rate in 2015 on the University Foundation Programme, of which 75% achieved a merit or distinction. Students have also progressed to 16 of the top 20 universities in the UK, such as King’s College London, the University of Warwick and University of Edinburgh.

Bell schools are included in the EL Gazette's Centre of Excellence 2015 list. Based on the British Council inspectors' statements, EL Gazette listed Bell Cambridge in the top 4% and Bell London in the top 5-10% of Centres of Excellence in the UK.


Bell knows that to succeed in their studies, students need somewhere safe, comfortable and pleasant to stay. This is why Bell offers a range of accommodation options for students studying on University Pathway courses. In both Cambridge and London, students can choose to stay in residential accommodation and live amongst fellow international students or stay with a local family.


Bell Cambridge

Cambridge is an historic and cosmopolitan university city, famous for its academic excellence. The Bell campus is set in beautiful grounds and within easy reach of the city centre. It has impressive study, social and leisure facilities, and offers a large contemporary learning centre, student games room and indoor and outdoor dining facilities, perfect for socialising after class.

Bell London

Bell London provides the perfect setting for students choosing to study in the vibrant UK capital. The school is housed in a classic Georgian building in the heart of the Bloomsbury district, close to Covent Garden, Oxford Street and the British Museum and is only one minute’s walk from Holborn tube station. Bell London provides a supportive, friendly environment in which to study while experiencing life in London.

*Minimum pass grade of 40%, a score of 5.5 or above in each component of the IELTS test and an attendance record of at least 90%.

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